Lisa and I have worked together for over 10 years, and throughout that time there simply hasn’t been a more capable, collaborative or charming talent producer working across the UK media. She instinctively understands TV and what is required to create good content, has developed relationships with a network of contacts from whom she has built up complete trust, and in doing so has established a terrific reputation with me and my team and, I know, many of my competitor agencies.
— David Bloom, Head of PR, Target Live
Lisa is completely brilliant to work with, she understands our needs, is completely honest and transparent at all time, works with us when talent can be tricky while delivering what is best for the programme. We feel we are in trusted hands with her and she’s always appreciative of our efforts.
— Zoe McIntyre, Director of ITV Programme Publicity

I can’t speak highly enough of Lisa. She’s extremely hard-working, supremely organised and is a fantastic team player. Always willing to go that extra mile to secure a much a sought after guest, Lisa takes her job seriously and will never leave any programme in the lurch. She is also cool when under pressure. I have no hesitation in recommending her.
— Adam Vandermark, Series Editor of 'This Morning' (2009-2014)
Lisa is supremely efficient, diligent and approachable. Her honesty, patience and understanding make my experience working with her a delight. Without a doubt, the whole team at Universal, have had nothing but positive experiences working with Lisa. She is an indispensable asset to any team.
— Lucy Kent, Publicity Manager, Universal Pictures (UK)

Lisa’s commitment and dedication to her job are unquestionable. She has a great reputation with celebrities, presenters, agents and understands how to tread the fine line in order to keep everyone happy! Lisa’s contacts proved invaluable over the years in which we worked together and she has worked hard to keep those contacts happy. She has an infectious energy which benefits all who work with her.
— Karl Newton, Executive Producer
It is always a pleasure to work with Lisa. Our paths have crossed on countless projects - from celebrity interviews to technically complex television performances and features.  Over the ten years or so that we have worked with Lisa, it has become clear that she has the in-depth knowledge and understanding of what makes great television, whilst always managing to ensure that our clients are comfortable and well looked after. Lisa is professional, consistent and reliable.
— Chloe Pritchard-Gordon, Director, The Corner Shop PR    

I worked with Lisa on ‘This Morning’ at ITV for several years and during this time she was an amazing producer with fantastic contacts, bags of enthusiasm with her finger firmly on the pulse when it comes to international and domestic celebrity guests. Lisa is a perfect addition to any team and demonstrates creative flair with solid editorial skill.
— Richard Stowe, Series Producer
Lisa understands the nuanced relationship with PRs and broadcasters perfectly - always happy to discuss options to get the best possible result for everyone involved. This has meant that she is consistently a first port-of-call for me when I am placing guests. She makes the whole experience easy for everyone involved and I consistently get feedback from artists I place that it’s a delightful experience at every stage.
— Luke Morrison, PR Manager, Sky Atlantic