New ITV drama 'Innocent' tonight on ITV


They say you are innocent until proven guilty but is that ever the case?  We all find ourselves casting judgement, without knowing all the facts. ITV’s latest drama offering ‘Innocent’ which starts tonight at 9pm, is explores that very notion.

From the writers of hits including ‘The Tunnel’ and ‘Unforgotten’, his four part thriller runs stripped across the week.  It follows the story of David Collins, played by The A Word’s, Lee Ingleby. A man who is released from prison on a technicality after serving after 7 years for the apparent murder of his wife, Tara.  

Whilst inside, David has lost everything - his job, his home and his children.  Protesting his innocence and determined to rebuild his life, David returns to the town where he lived, to find he is hated by Tara’s family and friends.  His very own children don’t want to know him. The only person pleased to see him out of prison is his brother played by Dan Ryan, who has campaigned tirelessly for his release.

As the previous investigation did not deliver a water tight conviction, the police launch a fresh investigation, determined to nail Tara’s killer once and for all.  David is still very much in the frame until he can prove his innocence. Having lost everything he held true, David has everything to gain. Whilst who have benefitted from his incarceration, have everything to lose. From David’s childless sister in law, Alice and her husband who are now parents to his two children, to his best friend Tom Wilson who reneged on his alibi on the night of Tara’s murder.  

Like ITV's smash hit from last year, 'Liar', this is drama puts the audience at the heart of the action and see them determine over the 4 nights who is the innocent party?  As the story evolves it is clear that everyone could have a motive from the corrupt detective craving promotion to Tara’s own sister played by the incomparable, Hermione Norris.  Lee Ingleby is perfect casting as the everyman of the piece, not your conventional hero.

Having watched the series, ‘Innocent’ has a tense ‘Broadchurch’ like feel with twists and turns putting each player in the spotlight. It’s a crime thriller but also a poignant drama with family very much at its core.  A man trying to rebuild his life and get to know his children after all that time spent apart. It’s about that fear that we all hold that overnight any of us could at any point could lose everything we cherish. That bad things can happen to good people and what lengths would you would go to, to clear your name.

‘Innocent’ starts tonight on ITV at 9pm.


Lisa DouglasComment