'Media, Monarchy and Power' Book Published - Nov 2001

Having received a 1st class for my dissertation on media and its portrayal of celebrity and public death through history, I was asked my lecturer, Dr Neil Blain, if he could cite my work as part of his book 'Media, Monarchy and Power'. 


Published in November 2001, 'Media, Monarchy and Power' provides a radical insight into the cultural and political functioning of royalty in five countries.  In the book, Neil Blain and Hugh O'Donnell examine the bonds between monarchies and their 'subjects' or 'citizens', and the relationships between royal families, the media, and nation-states. Is obsession with the Royal Family in Britain a fact of culture or an illusion of media culture? What interest do the European media display in their royal families? Does twenty-first century monarchy remain a political and ideological force - or is it just an economic commodity?

Topics covered include: 

  • monarchy in the British, Spanish, Dutch, Belgian and Norwegian media
  • Britain and Europe; new postmodern developments in European political culture
  • new trends in media celebrity; issues of authenticity in reportage
  • many illustrated applications of major themes in contemporary cultural theory 

'Media, Monarchy and Power' by Neil Blain and Hugh O'Donnell (Intellect Books, 2001 1st Ed. 2008 2nd Ed.)